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Long formulas, boring chemical equations, baseless hydrogen bonds, these are the general perceptions about Chemistry among students of various age groups. Chemistry is one of the most hated and feared subjects. The sole reason for this can be the lack of good teachers who failed to explain the basics of Chemistry. Chemistry is a ‘not so’ popular subject amongst the as they are unable to grasp the simple concepts. Otherwise, Chemistry can be a wonderful subject to learn.

Chemistry is a subdivision of physical science, which is all about atoms and molecules and how the chemical bonds are arranged. The interaction between atoms and molecules can be an area of great interest for students who love Chemistry. It is an astonishing fact that all the things are made up chemical compounds may it be organic or inorganic. The human body is even made up of chemical substances. A surprising fact is that the same iron required by factories to produce steel is even required by our body for proper functioning. Many fascinating things can be learnt if an individual shows ample dedication towards the subject and discover a whole new world. Chemistry is a boon for people as it is the foundation for the medicines that can cure many.

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